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How It Works


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Getting Started

After joining the discord group please review our "Welcome" tab or open a support ticket with any questions you have!


Utilize the guides, leads, alerts, and information within the group to start making profit today!


Random Flips Stay up to date on the most lowkey items in the game whether it Art, Collectibles, Vinyl & Records, Funko Pops, Gaming Consoles, Lego, PC Parts, and much much more.
Monitors Our blazing fast monitors alert our member of any profitable drops instantly scraped from the website whenever they drop.
Card Flips Stay up to date on all of the most hyped Pokémon, Yugioh, and Sports cards. Our experienced card team provides instore info as well as investment calls.
Stocks & Options Our stock mods have many years in the game and bring you their personal plays to profit in the market.
Sneaker Flips Stay up to date on all the latest sneaker releases and drops. Our team will have you prepared for release day with guides, resell predictions, and fast alerts.
Amazon FBA Ever thought about becoming an Amazon seller? Our group is equipped with multiple six figure staff team members, Amazon to Amazon flips, 20+ Online Arbitrage leads every single day, and user friendly guides to get you on the platform in no time!


Been in this group since May last year and have made so much money I didn't think was even possible! It has opened my eyes to so many new things I never even learned before about flipping and selling. This is my Number One Go-to group for all things flipping related. Thank you!


Past 8 months have changed my life in this group. Great admins who know best for the group. Wouldn’t doubt them for any investment tips and all guides posted. Stay alert with TFC. 1.3M in sales thanks to you guys!


Just got charged for my second month of TFA. After one month I can say the membership fee isn’t even a factor it’s a no brainer. Aside from having the best monitors, there’s so many knowledgeable and friendly people on staff and everyone wants to see each other win.



How much does it cost to join the group? $34.99 / Month is the cost to be a member in The Flip Academy. This will get you access to the entire server NO restrictions or limitations, everything we provide you gain access.
Will I be grandfathered on my membership price? Yes of course! Your membership rate will never change. TFA memberships are increasing every so often to keep the community limited and efficient.
Is there an age requirement to join? ANYONE is welcome in our community and I mean anyone. We have strict policies in place to make sure you are the feeling safe and comfortable while you are in the discord server.
Can I cancel my membership at anytime? Yes of course. If you need to cancel your membership, then you can within 3 clicks on our website. You will have access until your subscription due date. NO strings attached.
Do I need experience to join? Absolutely not, most members in the community are very new to reselling and will be learning along side you. We have all experiences in the group and that's what makes it great.
I lost my key what do I do now? If you've lost your key then no worries! Either open a support ticket within the server or sling an email to our support email address and we will get you your key as quick as possible.

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